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Thursday, September 21 at 2:00pm est

Introducing The Digital Food Farmacy:

What It Really Takes To Drive Health Benefits Engagement

Looking for a health benefit your people will actually use? Look no further than bitewell’s digital food farmacy - a food as medicine benefits and rewards platform for everyone. 

In this 45-minute presentation and Q&A, bitewell CEO Sam Alexander will explain:
  • Why the future of health really is food
  • Why nutrition programs have failed in the past and how we can do things differently
  • What a 'digital food farmacy' is
  • How bitewell's digital food farmacy smashes industry adoption rates (up to 91%) & engagement rate (avg 85% WAU)
  • What measurable health improvement in <90 days looks like
  • How you can implement food as medicine programs in a cost effective way

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Thursday, September 21 at 2:00pm est

About bitewell

Founded in 2020, bitewell is a food as medicine benefits and rewards platform for everyone. Our easy-to-use digital food farmacy and proprietary food health score meets your people where they are so that the healthy choice becomes the easy choice — at meal time and beyond. As leaders in the food as medicine space, we know that the future of health is food and exist to help make eating well simple and accessible for employers and their people. To find out how we can support you and your teams or to find out more about bitewell, please visit